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Utilizing WhatsApps API businesses can effectively reach out to their customers through messaging. This feature enables the use of message templates, multimedia elements. Provides delivery analytics. It is crucial for businesses to adhere to WhatsApps policies and ensure usage in order to avoid any penalties or consequences.

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Green tick Verification

The green checkmark, on WhatsApp serves as a verification symbol indicating that an account has been officially verified. This verification adds credibility and trust to the accounts identity primarily used for businesses and public figures.

Automated Workflows

Create event-based workflows on WhatsApp to guide your customers through various processes like appointment booking, new registrations, etc.

Ads that Click to WhatsApp

Connect with your target audience where they are most active – – across Facebook and Instagram

Shared Team Inbox

Experience real-time collaboration among teams with Interakt’s Shared team Inbox, one number, multiple users.

Bulk Campaigns & Broadcasts

Set up one-time or recurring campaigns and share personalized, automated alerts to customers.

Campaign Analytics

Track campaign performance and find out what worked for you & what did not

Whatsapp Official API software

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Whatsapp marketing software

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Application Integration

WhatsApp Integration in Application is used to manage a connectivity with existing app users.

Software Integration

WhatsApp Integration in software is aimed to direct chat with software users & solve their problems. Users can feel free to connect with software developer or service team rather then other ways.

Social Media Integration

Social Media is a fastest way to connect with anyone & we can add option like a whatsapp integration to direct chat with interested people. Followers & Connections can directly connect with you on whatsapp.


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WhatsApp bulk marketing involves sending promotional messages or content to a large group of WhatsApp users at once. It’s a strategy used by businesses to reach a broad audience, but it must be done ethically and in compliance with WhatsApp’s policies, as spamming or unsolicited messages can lead to account bans and negative user experiences. Effective WhatsApp bulk marketing requires audience segmentation, personalized content, and adherence to legal and privacy regulations while aiming to provide value to users.

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Using this marketing will most likely result in our deal being successful, since it enables us to directly communicate with our end users. Our business can stay active in the market if we reach out daily to our customers and users. The software we develop helps over 2500 clients present their businesses on the market. Software investment turning into a successful return.

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