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Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software offers marketing automation along with features such as bulk number screening and the ability to send unlimited messages with text, audio, video, documents, and clickable URL buttons.

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Multi-Account Login

With multiple account logins, this software simplifies your work and saves your time.

Account Auto-rotation

This feature of the software provides you with advanced settings and a user-friendly interface that makes your marketing strong.

Call To Action Button

A call to action button speeds up the response time of a marketing message while giving it a professional appearance. These features are used in the creation of auto chatbots.


Customers can set a auto reply for every single message from receiver side. They can run their business by their own auto chatbot setting. 

Advance Report

A Benefit From advance report customers can get a list of positive response from their marketing.

Advance Setting

Bulky marketing Software have an function for user side setting in which user can set a delay time between messages & Maintain Their marketing with less blocking issue. 

Whatsapp marketing software

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Whatsapp marketing software

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One Month Validity

999/- INR 

One Year Validity

4999/- INR 

Whatsapp Button Sender Software

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One Month Validity

1599/- INR 

One Year Validity

9999/- INR 

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software

Communicate With your  Customers Anywhere. Easy Tool To Permit Your Customers for communication at any platform.

Application Integration

WhatsApp Integration in Application is used to manage a connectivity with existing app users.

Software Integration

WhatsApp Integration in software is aimed to direct chat with software users & solve their problems. Users can feel free to connect with software developer or service team rather then other ways.

Social Media Integration

Social Media is a fastest way to connect with anyone & we can add option like a whatsapp integration to direct chat with interested people. Followers & Connections can directly connect with you on whatsapp.


Bulky Marketing fueled by User Experience

Our Solution is a motivation of marketing & Passed by our product users.

WhatsApp bulk marketing involves sending promotional messages or content to a large group of WhatsApp users at once. It’s a strategy used by businesses to reach a broad audience, but it must be done ethically and in compliance with WhatsApp’s policies, as spamming or unsolicited messages can lead to account bans and negative user experiences. Effective WhatsApp bulk marketing requires audience segmentation, personalized content, and adherence to legal and privacy regulations while aiming to provide value to users.

Professional quality delivered!

Using this marketing will most likely result in our deal being successful, since it enables us to directly communicate with our end users. Our business can stay active in the market if we reach out daily to our customers and users. The software we develop helps over 2500 clients present their businesses on the market. Software investment turning into a successful return.

How to Integrate Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software ?

Boost Your Sales With Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software

Take Your Every Little Reach to your Business On Your WhatsApp. Communicate Like a Large Brand & Experience a Quality Of Business.