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Bulky marketing is a leading Bulk WhatsApp marketing software supplier company in India. We also offer many types of branding, utility, and data software to fulfill your business requirements. Our bulk WhatsApp software gives businesses the opportunity to easily send high-volume, high-frequency messages to thousands of clients, saving them effort and time. Our goal at Bulky Marketing is to assist small businesses in connecting with their clients through various platforms, such as WhatsApp.

All users can build and manage WhatsApp marketing campaigns and also manage speed, message delays, and control sleep schedules.

  • You can extract data from that group.


WhatsApp Marketing Software – How it Work

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software has several capabilities to offer such as unlimited messages sending, Multi-multimedia message sending, Numbers filtering, Group contacts finder, Anti block module, Sleeping control, Speed control, Delay control, and many others. This software is 100% safe and reliable and easy to use. Use our Bulk WhatsApp Marketing tool to keep your account 100% secure.

Our Bulk WhatsApp Sender is made to make the customer experience personalized & simple, so you can concentrate on developing relationships and expanding your business.

Send Your Important Marketing Messages to Customers in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Just import your customer information
  2. Develop relevant campaigns by grouping them
  3. Schedule or Send Messages

With our simple-to-use and powerful WhatsApp marketing solution, you can rely on WhatsApp software to keep your company one step ahead of the competition. Our Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software has a wide range of features and is available at an affordable price.whatsapp

Features of Our WhatsApp Marketing Software

  • User-friendly Interface: Its easy-to-use interface will surely save you time and frustration.
  • Automation features: Our offered software provides many automated features such as sending messages, creating campaigns, and responding to messages.
  • Bulk messaging: It can send bulk messages to multiple recipients at once.
  • Personalization features: It enables you to personalize messages with the recipient’s name or other relevant details.
  • Analytics and reporting: Its analytical features provide your campaigns’ performance, including open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.
  • Compliance with WhatsApp’s terms of service: This generic software complies with WhatsApp’s terms of service to avoid potential legal issues.

Remember that WhatsApp is primarily a personal messaging platform, and users may be less receptive to marketing messages than on other platforms. Always obtain consent from recipients before sending marketing messages, and ensure that your messages provide value and are not spammy or intrusive.

  • This Software allows you to download WhatsApp group links.
  • You will be added to that group automatically.
  • You can extract data from that group.

Get Whatsapp Marketing Software and Start Growingbulky whatsapp

In the competitive marketplace of today, organizations must seize every chance to establish a connection with their target audience and create lasting relationships with clients. WhatsApp Marketing Software is a potent tool that can assist organizations in achieving these goals and promote lead creation, sales, and getting customers. Brands may get a competitive edge and accelerate their growth by determining the relevant audience, choosing the appropriate software, and incorporating WhatsApp into their overall advertising plan.


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