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Notification marketing is an approach that includes sending messages or notifications to individuals through mobile apps, websites or desktop browsers. These messages can be promotional, informative or transactional, in nature. Are usually tailored to engage individuals encourage conversions and offer updates or deals. The timing of these messages obtaining user consent and analyzing their effectiveness are factors. Additionally it is crucial to adhere to privacy regulations and ensure compliance.

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Better outreach

A large number of people use smartphones and web browsers in their day-to-day life. By using push notification marketing we can showcase our products to customers which will boost our outreach. 


customers’ information or users’ data is kept safe and not misused. A check is kept by Google API and the data is not sold for any unethical purposes. 

Higher engagement

Notification Marketing help businesses to bring back customers to their website. Sending reminders and relevant information to pre-existing customers is an effective way of engaging and bringing them to your website. 

Useful insights

By sending push notifications, you get to know how many times your website has been opened. This provides statistical data and with the help of this, you can work on your marketing strategies. 

Cheap communication channel

Notification marketing is a cost-effective way of marketing. You can reach a large number of your subscribers at the same time. There are some platforms that provide this service for free up to a certain number of subscribers. 

Target Audience

What kind of people are you targeting? It could be marketers, online shoppers or media professionals. Once you know who your target audience is and have the right user information, frame your message accordingly.


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Notification Marketing

Notification marketing is a technique that uses push notifications to interact and connect with users effectively promoting products or services to their devices.

Whatsapp Store

WhatsApp Store is a notification marketing platform that allows businesses to send targeted messages and updates to their customers on WhatsApp, enhancing customer engagement and driving sales.

Unlimited Notification Trigger

In notification marketing, unlimited notification triggers enable businesses to send an unlimited number of messages to users triggered by various events or criteria, optimizing engagement and communication strategies.

Lead generation

In notification marketing lead generation entails gathering contact details of customers like email addresses or phone numbers through tailored notifications. This helps in creating a database, for marketing initiatives and conversions.


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Notification marketing is a digital marketing strategy that involves sending messages, alerts, or updates directly to a user’s device, such as smartphones or computers, to engage and inform customers, drive conversions, and enhance user experiences.

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